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November 19, 2012
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Frayed/Lovestruck: Pg 2 by Tiramia Frayed/Lovestruck: Pg 2 by Tiramia
Prologue: [link]
Page 1: [link]
Page 2: In which some bad memories are brought back
Page 3: [link]
Extra 1: [link]

*flops over* Anyone want to know why this took so long to finish? Victor. Victor Frankenstein, it's all your fault your lineart was so difficult to finish!! You only appeared in a grand total of 6 panels, yet you had the most extensive lineart! Not even Edgar was as hard to draw as you were!
That, and baseball. Why are baseball poses so hard?! That being said, please excuse Toshi's pitching pose. I used this reference for him: [link]
I hope I didn't go too far off-base from what :iconspencerbeavcoon: wrote (found here: [link]). I'm really liking how some of the things turned out, especially Toshi's angry face and Victor's black-and-white shot, which I have affectionately named "The Horrific Flashback Scene". I'm serious, I winced every time I looked at Victor about to cry. And I had drawn that!
(Edits: Colored those pencils in Toshi's pocket black because they're distracting otherwise. Took out the buttons on Victor's shirt because they were also distracting. And I forgot Nassor's hair streaks before, but they're fixed now pleasedon'thurtme!)

Art belongs to me,
Frankenweenie belongs to Tim Burton,
Frayed/Lovestruck belongs to :iconspencerbeavcoon:
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ButterscotchRipple77 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Student Artist
Lilliana: *calms Victor down* "It's okay, it wasn't your fault, Victor."
huey4ever Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh poor victor ;n; just wanna hug him to pieces ;n;
Tiramia Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
At least he got to keep his pet in the end. That's the only thing I can think of that Victor has over the other boys.
Mariaxshadow1 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
awwww poor
no1wantsthisname Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
Wow, that came out SO good. The story this comic is illustrating is so far THE best Frankenweenie fic I've read. Everything looks great here--their expressions (really good!), the's really effective at portraying the story visually. Knowing what's coming, there are some scenes I really can't wait to see...

Poor, clueless, forgetful Bob...>.>; This starts out really funny, and quickly turns sad with Victor's traumatic memories. ;; I love the concern these guys have for him. I definitely see them all being close friends after the events of the movie.

And yeah, I've come to love Nassor's cool hair streaks. x3
Tiramia Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:omg: Holy cow, real feedback!! Thank you so much for being specific, especially since it gives me insight on how to better the visuals (I hope)!
no1wantsthisname Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
No problem at all! ^__^ I enjoy providing substantial feedback...'specially for awesome things! And this really does look GREAT so far! =]
Dark-Zim00 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Invader-Trixie Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm really enjoying these ^^ can't wait for the next one!
Tiramia Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You and me both.
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